Zacuto EVF

Just got it in Singapore, I must say this EVF is a dream for anamorphic DSLR shooters. It checks almost every single wish box.

HDMI in/out

One big surprise, is during pixel 1:1, the EVF pushes out HDMI ‘to the 2nd monitor in full frame.  This could potentially allow 1st cam assit to pull focus on the fly, without marks, while the operator/DP frames the shot.


2 Comments to “Zacuto EVF”

  1. Nice, I’m concerned about the 5d having a non full hd output during recording, what are you shooting with?

    • I am shooting with a GH2, this camera stays full HD for the HDMI output during the roll. Although I love the 5D, This is it’s biggest stumbling block. Yes, getting visual focus confirmation during recording is impossible. For production, use focus marks.

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