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June 23, 2011

handheld anamorphic rig.


IMG 1492Tried my best to have the CG of the camera and lens resting on my shoulders.

GH2 + Zacuto EVF with iscorama focus regreased + lecia 50mm 1.4 asph, I must say the Zacuto EVF has really made me a fan of their products which I had previously though of as overpriced. It’s a dream for anamorphic shooters. However it would be nice to have the pixel 1:1 area ‘navigable’ .

TRUSMT follow focus

IMG 1510
IMG 1507

June 23, 2011

reserviced and modified

Recently I have been a little obsessed and bugged with focusing pulls in films as a movement to reveal and guide the eye of the audience. In anamorphics since the DOF is so super shallow and has all sorts of exotic qualities to it which we can debate all day. The movement of focus has to be smooth draggy but so much that it causes stress on the camera and lens unit, which I have been encountering .

I have sent my 2 iscoramas focusing to be reoiled, and made smoother (less drag).  Kind of excited to test the results when I pick them up today


June 21, 2011

Zacuto EVF

Just got it in Singapore, I must say this EVF is a dream for anamorphic DSLR shooters. It checks almost every single wish box.

HDMI in/out

One big surprise, is during pixel 1:1, the EVF pushes out HDMI ‘to the 2nd monitor in full frame.  This could potentially allow 1st cam assit to pull focus on the fly, without marks, while the operator/DP frames the shot.


June 4, 2011

sony f3 with iscorama anamorphic