set of iscoramas all ready to roll

preped up anamorphic set of

iscorama ? + 60mm leica macro 2.8

42 MC iscorama + 90mm leica  2.8

ready to roll and shot for tomorrow.

7 Comments to “set of iscoramas all ready to roll”

  1. When will these anamorphics be sold?
    Not yet i am using them for production
    WEhat prices?

    Greets, Arno

  2. for your setup with the leica 60 mm macro with the iscorama:
    Which iscorama is it?
    42 iscorama mc
    Is it the iscorama with the 50 mm spherical lens or the iscorama 36?
    I think it was 90mm
    Do you use this setup with a full frame camera? Does it vignette?
    Yes full frame . 5dmark2 no vignette

  3. Hi, nice setup… I have been looking for a while for a zoom lens to attach my isco36 to, but no luck so far.

  4. Hey, you know where they sell iscorama anamorphic lenses?

  5. Hi – I’m testing a 5diii with a Leica r 60mm and the iscorama pre 36 – I think it’s the same iscorama you have ( not the 42 – the other one). I’m using a redstan clamp and I’m getting a lot of vignetting. How are you attachng the isocrama to the 60mm? Step down rings? I’m wondering if I have the isocrama too far from the lens optic.
    Toni Dove

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